Questions and Answers about the Quantum Leap coachtraining

Questions and Answers about the Quantum Leap Coachtraining

I’m already a coach. Is the Quantum Leap still for me?
The answer: Yes, absolutely! The Quantum Leap has integrated several different coaching models into one easy-to-use system that allows you to know exactly where you are in the coaching conversation, how to collect and manage your client’s information, and how to get to the core of an issue. Its main focus is practicality and the acceleration of your coaching skills.

Most coaches walk away from a coach training with high hopes for success, and discover quickly that they get lost in their conversations. This puts a dent in their self confidence.

We have had quite a few coaches go through the program, who said that while they’ve done a coach training before (sometimes even 3 or 4), their coaching was still chaotic and messy. Having the Quantum Leap allowed them to harness their skills and put them to use in an effective way.

How is The Quantum Leap different from NLP trainings? 

If you’ve done NLP practitioner or master practitioner, you have a great foundation for the Quantum Leap. Though it’s not necessary to have this as a background. The Quantum Leap builds on NLP and Meta-Coaching to offer a simple to use system that allows you to get to core of your client’s outcome faster, grab a hold of the cause of someone’s problem, change it into something more resourceful, and then solidify that change. 

Having a system helps you to cut through your client’s story, and focus on process rather than content. 

With NLP you have a good foundation for detecting patterns in your client, and offering a pathway to the outcome (if your client doesn’t know how to solve it themselves). With The Quantum Leap you learn how to set up a coaching program, and use your NLP skills in the most effective way.

I use Ennegram/DISC in my coaching, does that work with the Quantum Leap?
The Quantum Leap is a system that works with Enneagram, DISC, MBTI and any other diagnostic tool. A big part it learning how to detect patterns in your client, which is what all of these systems do. It allows you to identify the gap.

One thing to be aware of in using these tools, is not to jump to conclusions and make assumptions for your client. If you become too reliant on them, you can miss vital information because you are drawing conclusions rather than asking questions. 

In case you are wondering, you don’t need any of these methodologies to be effective. What you do need is an understanding of what kind of patterns get in the way of success. NLP provided meta-programs (thinking styles) and cognitive distortions is a great concept from the Cognitive-Behavioral field. These are addressed in detail in the program, and you’ll learn exactly how to use them to find the leverage point for change.

Do I have to have a coach training before I can do the Quantum Leap?
It is highly recommended that you have been trained in NLP before going through the Quantum Leap training. You can do this online or you can attend on of the many NLP trainings that are out there. Email us for more information [email protected]

We also recommend that you go through an introduction of the Meta-States model. CoachTeam runs these trainings live for those who are in Norway or would want to travel there. Alternatively, you can go through the training online at the Meta-Coach Academy.

Does The Quantum Leap come with a certification?
Yes. We have a feedback form that we use to determine whether you meet the requirements for certification. It is designed in such a way that you know what skills to further develop and where you are at in the process.

Can I do the training live?
Yes, the training is currently only taught in Norway. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

How long will I keep access to the Quantum Leap videos/audios?
You will have a lifetime access to the Quantum Leap videos/audios when you go through the online training. In preparation to the live training you will also get access to some core videos, which you will have a lifetime access to.

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